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Priyanshi and her brother Jigar lost their father on 23 April 2021. The loss of the sole bread earner has impacted the family beyond words. The family is suffering from severe financial crises and is in complete shock due to the loss of their loved one. Further, Priyanshi and Jigar’s education has also been halted due to not having any source of income. They need your help so that they can complete their education and support their family. 

Priyanshi Prakash Vaghela is an extremely bright student and is currently studying in grade 11. She aspires to become a chartered accountant in the future. She lives with her mother, younger brother Jigar and grandparents in Vadaj. Jigar is 12 years old and is studying in grade 7.  Their father used to work as a repairman. After his demise, The family has started struggling for their livelihood. Their mother is a housewife and their grandparents are really old. Hence, there is no one who can earn and provide for the family. The mother is searching for work but it might take her some time due to COVID. Therefore, in order to overcome all the challenges that they are facing right now, they need your support and blessings. We can help them by providing a monthly ration kit and support the education of the two kids.

Offer Your Support For The Cause!

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