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Pooja Rani has recently lost her father to a heart attack and COVID as declared by the doctor. Her father's demise has drastically affected the family’s financial stability. Pooja is currently doing BCA from Sri Umiya College, Ahmedabad and is vividly aware of the importance of education. However, the loss of her father has made it extremely difficult for her to continue her studies. Hence, she requires financial assistance so that she can achieve all her goals and support her family.

Pooja Rani Parida is an 18-year-old girl who has been living in  Ahmedabad for the past 2 years. Her parents have been living here for the past 20 years while She used to live with her grandparents in Orissa. Pooja’s father was a cook and a driver before his demise. Pooja’s mother is a masseuse and is striving hard to earn a living through her occupation. However, the amount of money she earns is not enough to bear all the expenses of the family. Besides, not having any financial support from any of her relatives has made it extremely difficult for her to take care of the daily expenses while also supporting Pooja’s education. It would be unfair if the family’s financial situation becomes a barrier to Pooja’s education. Therefore, let us all come together and help a child pursue her dream of educating herself and support the family during their difficult times.

Further, the family also requires monthly ration kits which we will provide through the donations we get. Therefore, we really request you to donate some amount that will help Pooja and her family to get back on their feet once again and start living their life as usual.

Offer Your Support For The Cause!

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