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Samvedana began in 2003 with a simple initiative – to make a difference. It was much needed, it still is. Our journey was not an easy one.

How do you reach out to those who need help?
How do you tell them that they are in need of help?
But most importantly, how do you convince them to take help from you?

In a society where the underprivileged believe that more hands means more money – but fail to understand that more hands also means more mouths to feed, we tried to penetrate into the darkest corners and touch those who were crouching within, bereft of sunshine or daylight.
We tried. We still are. This is our story.


Primary School Education

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It is a school structure that quenches the natural thirst of knowledge, supplementary to the existing education system which disregards such requirement.

High School Education


It is for students of grade VIII-XII who are dedicated and deserving. It has regular classes with computer education and workshops.

Sponsor education of Children

This initiative is flagship programme wherein we are sponsoring children to private school based on their results, Samvedana’s counseling and academic reports.

Vocational skills, Earn & Learn

Imparting vocational skills and special training to youth and women through experts and attempt to link the creativity of children with market requirements.

Aanganwadi Initiative


Under it, Samvedana runs Aanganwadi centers spread across the western periphery of Ahmedabad with the aim to reduce high child mortality rate in our country.

Inclusions, Interactions & Workshops


It is where students and volunteers from privileged classes, studying in reputed schools and college, interact with children at Samvedana.


Counseling, Community Visits & Awareness Programmes

It is counseling for teachers, parents, students that is aimed at sensitizing all stakeholders for bringing about a tryst with reality.

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Quality education for rural children

It is a true flavour to rurbanisation. Uplifting rural India with education.

Nutrition initiative to eradicate malnutrition

focuses on nutritional needs at the foundations. It caters to children below the age of 6, including pregnant and lactating mothers.

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Volunteer engagement

The vision of Happee is to create a platform for the underprivileged children for exploring their creative potentials, getting exposure of the world they live in, instigating leadership qualities in them and reinventing the joys of childhood.

Our Journey


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Samvedana was founded in 2002 as an

organization to provide quality education to underprivileged children. In 2002 we started small with just with one branch, in a place called Nava Vadaj , a semi-rural neighborhood. We started off by providing non-formal education to children in that area only. We began with a class of about 40 children, all keen and full of enthusiasm, bursting with ideas and excited about the idea of education. Slowly as the news traveled our classes got bigger and better. It was time to start providing formal education in a motivating and productive environment. We sought help from the local municipal schools  which were basically government-run learning centers for the underprivileged.

We finally had some solid infrastructure!

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In our second year we had a 100 children

studying under our experts but we had a long way to

go! We initiated a new program called Akshara which literally translates into ‘letters’. It also means indestructible. Just like our spirit! Akshara not just provided education, but went a little beyond that. It also tapped into nutrition for our children. We tried non-conventional medium like drama and songs to get through to the children. Young volunteers had begun to pour in and lend a hand with various interactive activities.Our team was getting bigger, our activities

were getting better and our goals

were reaching higher!

Our Reach


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The best way to find yourself is to lose

yourself in the service of others.


- Mahatma Gandhi

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