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Could you?

Learn to make a difference.

Could you make a child learn?

Could you make a child have fun?

Could you smile and cherish joy?

Could you make a wish come true for a li’l boy?

Could you giggle forgetting all your pain?

Could you act insane in spite of being sane?

Could you dance and draw imaginations?

Could you help decide someone's ambition?

Could you understand the silence behind the face?

Could you understand the importance of excelling as an ace?

Could you hold a little finger and walk?

Could you sit there just to talk?

Could you ask the little guy just to dream for his own?

Could you understand the difficulties he faced when he was grown?

Could you simply live 15 days their way?

Could you simply give and not take away?

I am sure you’ll miss each moment when you go away,

Because all you wanted to do was stay and stay.

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