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Finding Kanu

Like most of my creative voyages, even this one started with me facing a huge cloud of confusion. To conduct a film-making workshop with Giggle children at Samvedana's Summer Camp, 2015.

Owing to past few interactions, I had a feeble sense of depth that Samvedana strives to reach and engage with its children. So it was indeed a mix of eagerness and anticipation with which I stood to face the bunch of affable and happy Giggle faces, their eyes lighting up with affection and curiosity.

The three short days that I spent with these children with an intent of sharing some of my skills and understanding about films, will certainly remain one of the most satisfying and memorable chapters of my life. Engaging with these children definitely added new, unforeseen colours in my spectrum, thanks to the views that they expressed as seen from their innocent eyes.

Treading informally and putting aside any structured approach that I might have contemplated before, I stood there facing my new set of teachers. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to see their thoughts and minds unfurl with a story that they wished to be told through the film that we had set out to make. About Kanu - a village kid, lost in a big city.

With deepest gratitude I express my sincere appreciation to this phenomenal endeavour of bringing so much joy, encouragement and direction to so many children, who I am sure will rise and shine in their journeys of life, gaining strength from the solid foundations that they are blessed with here.

Wishing all the very best of success and glory to Samvedana, its guiding lights, well wishers and all its volunteers.

- Amitabh Sigh

Director, Bollywood

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