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The Whistle-Blower

The Sanskrit meaning of Sanjana is “a unique creation of god”, and she definitely was one. At the best, she was cute and gentle, short, plump, dark and fat. Surprisingly, everyone used to make fun of her and call her witty names. She wasn’t conventionally good looking.

I had taken special steps and ensured Sanjana was treated fairly by all her classmates.

A week passed by. Sanjana came up to me and said, “Didi, I’m worried. I know I’m not very pretty and that people tend to see me differently. How will I ever get married? No guy will accept me.” I was dumbstruck. One question followed the other, ascending in the level of difficulty.

I realised her parents cursed her for her looks and ill treated her. So, along with a team of volunteers, we went to her house. We confronted her parents. We told them that Sanjana was young and deserved to be treated with love and affection. We asked them to look at her strengths. Sanjana was smart, outgoing and very good at art and craft.

We left her house, not completely satisfied, but having tried our best.

I explained Sanjana that girls of her age should focus towards education, career building and not marriage. She didn’t say a word but hugged me tight as usual and promised me that she wouldn’t cry anymore.

A few days later I saw her playing with her friends, enjoying life. On the last day of the summer camp, she came to me and gifted me a hand-made flower saying “Thank you” with the biggest smile on her face – The most precious gift ever.

Sanjana taught me to see things differently. To appreciate people, and to accept and love them for who they are. I am ‘Happee’ to have made a little difference.

Story by:

Jainey Shah


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