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The Miracle Kid

2014 was my first year with Happee Summer Camp. I bumped into a small 11 year old boy. He had this peculiar habit of wearing a cap every day to class. Since I was his class in-charge, I learnt that he was brilliant and outstanding. He knew more than any average kid of his age would.

A few days went by and he just stopped coming to the class. I missed his presence and was curious to know the reason behind his absence. I asked one of his friends and he told me that Mayur's parents had a very tough time making ends meet. His father was an alcoholic who refused to work and his mother earned petty wages. The money that came into the family was blown by his father and hence, Mayur was forced to stay home doing the daily errands and household chores.

The problem faced by Mayur, persisted since day 1. Yet the 4-5 hours that he spent at the camp were enough for him to momentarily forget his disturbed life at home.

This kid who had the potential to learn so much, get a good job and earn good money for his family, had to stay home because he didn't have enough resources. It’s a miracle how these kids survive in this world.

Story by:

Anaya Shah


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