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Make a Difference

I was a teacher to fifteen kids at the summer camp in Keliyavasana, a village in Gujarat.

Nisha, a grade 3 student who was about seven years was treated like a princess by her father.

“I want to become a teacher,” said Nisha.

“Being a teacher is a great responsibility.” I tried checking her confidence.

“And I’m ready to take that responsibility.” she said clearing any and every doubt I had.

Later I called Nisha, “Tell me, why do you want to become a primary school teacher?”

“My mom says we can influence someone’s mind when they are young. I want to be a good influence so that there are only good people in society. I don’t want any more Nishas.” she answered.

“Why don’t you want any more Nishas?”

That’s when she spilled her life to me. I was stunned. If her previous fathers had been educated well, they wouldn’t have treated Nisha the way they did. She had gone through intense torture and pain at such a tender age. It was her choice not to give up and stand against all adversities, to live happily and look at the optimistic side of her life.

In the days that followed, Nisha made me an anklet and her mother complimented me for having changed Nisha’s life, forever for the better.

I had never thought I would be someone’s inspiration. That was certainly one of the best days I ever had.

Story by:

Mitali Shah


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